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Our products are not just software but innovative solutions and have proven resourceful to many in the healthcare industry. Our VMS helps facilities staff their shifts with local talent, while our careCard helps healthcare professionals get fulfilling and rewarding careers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some questions that you may have in regards to our services

  • What areas do your serve?

    We currently serve facilities and healthcare workers in the USA only and primarily in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Texas.

  • What is a careCard?

    careCards are a complete presentation of their healthcare credentials and professional life. For healthcare facilities and employers, careCards are a unique tool that helps them handpick, and hire just the right staff.

  • Where can I contact the support team?

    Call us at: (763) 400-3862 or write us are
    Our customer service representatives are readily available to help you with any inquiries you may need.

  • How does your VMS work?

    Our vendor management system connects qualified local talent with healthcare facilities by leveraging our network and staffing coordination to simplify the process of contract and per-diem staffing.

  • How does Nurzee increase Revenue?

    Nurzee's automated Vendor Management System (VMS) provides up-to-the-minute order acquisitions for faster turnaround. Increase your revenue with more frequent placement.

  • How can I test out your software?

    We currently do offer demo's for any one interested in any of our products. Please reach out to us today via or visit our website and click on "Schedule a Demo" to get started.

A wide variery of features.

By using Nurzee and our network of independently owned and operated staffing agencies, healthcare facilities find the qualified nurses and certified nursing assistants from local sources while maintaining a single point of contact. In the same light, healthcare workers use our software to help them get better jobs thereby having more fulfiling and rewarding careers.

Easy Online Setup

Set up your facility specific credentials & documents with your compliance team, and enter staffing requests. See, easy peasy.

Simplified Scheduling

Partner with us through one VMS agreement and gain access to a staffing platform built specifically for your location & needs.

Increase Revenue

Up-to-the-minute order acquisitions for faster turnaround. Increase your revenue with more frequent placement.

Credential Compliance

We monitor credential compliance in our software system according to state, federal and facility specific requirements.

Streamlined System

Staffing agencies view your requests and begin submitting candidates to the Nurzee, Inc. VMS team to approve.

Email/Text Notifications

Gain access to a fully automated platform. Get emails and text messages when your shifts are assigned, cancelled etc.

Healthcare Staffing Solutions for Everyone

Our user-friendly industry-leading web-based healthcare staffing softwares provides 24/7 easy access to all.

  • I believe Nurzee has developers on site to constantly improve their features, unlike other platforms we used. I am happy I enrolled to Nurzee.

    Zee M.

  • So far, we haven't had any issues posting shifts and having staff assigned to them. I'm loving this platform already. I like how quick the support is.

    Heather Z.

  • Very easy to use platform. I've been using annleo for a while now, no updates from their part in over centuries. I like Nurzee for how easy to use it is.

    Jerole M

Great users satisfaction ratio.